Our seminar series is free and available for anyone to attend. Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in the Kilburn Building during teaching season.

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Crowdsourcing the Semantic Web: a story of technology and incentives

  • Speaker:   Dr.  Elena Simperl  (University of Southampton)
  • Host:   Carole Goble
  • 4th March 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T. 1.4
The Semantic Web has always been about enabling computers to make sense of the vast amounts of content available online. Many would argue that this vision has already become reality - from Google's Knowledge Graph and IBM's Watson to applications in pharmaceuticals research, publishing, and smart cities. This talk explores the role of crowdsourcing in the making of the Semantic Web. Several components at the core of the Semantic Web architecture are famous for their knowledge-intensive and context-sensitive character and hence can be hardly automated. We will revisit this architecture to understand the role of human and social computing and discuss several challenges associated with incentives-minded technology design: the definition of workflows, the use of different forms of crowdsourcing, and the realization of hybrid algorithms that add crowd capabilities to existing Semantic Web tools.
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