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What is next for Graphene and 2D materials?

  • Speaker:   Professor  Ernie Hill  (University of Manchester)
  • Host:   Robert Stevens
  • 28th January 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T 1.4
What is next for Graphene and 2D materials?

Graphene and other 2D materials have been in the limelight for some time and have promised a great deal in terms of applications. Whilst they have provided a rich playground for exciting science they have not yet delivered on a major application. In this talk I will look at the exciting prospects for these materials and describe some of the ground breaking work done which led to the award of the Nobel prize for two workers at Manchester. However, I will also consider how close we are to applying these materials to provide new devices or processes that can make significant commercial impact and consider some of the obstacles in the way of achieving this which we hope to tackle in the new National Graphene Institute.
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