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The Utility of Points as Primitives for Graphics and Modeling

  • Speaker:   Professor  Markus Gross  (ETH Zurich)
  • Host:   Roger Hubbold
  • 26th April 2006 at 14:15 in 1.5
In recent years, point primitives have received a growing attention in computer graphics. There are two main reasons for this new interest in points: On one hand, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the polygonal complexity of computer graphics models. The overhead of managing, processing, and manipulating very large polygonal meshes has led many researchers to question the future utility of polygons as the fundamental graphics primitive. On the other hand, modern 3D digital photography and 3D scanning systems facilitate the ready acquisition of complex, real-world objects. These techniques generate huge volumes of point samples and create the need for advanced point processing.

In this talk I will discuss the utility and versatility of point primitives for graphics and modeling and present a survey the latest research results in this area. Concepts for the representation of point sampled shapes will be discussed, as well as methods for interactive modeling of point clouds. In addition, I will address data filtering methods for the processing and resampling of point data. I will also give examples for high performance display of point clouds. Furthermore, I will discuss how point based representations can help to bridge the gap between numerical simulations and interactive graphics and I will demonstrate their potential for a fusion of both. The talk will end with a critical discussion of the pros and cons of point primitives and I will point out unsolved problems as well as future research directions.
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