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Two-variable logics and trees

  • Speaker:   Prof  Witold Charatonik  (Wydzial Informatiki Uniwersytet Wroclawski)
  • Host:   Ian Pratt-Hartmann
  • 6th May 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn LT 1.4
Two-variable logic (FO2) is one of the most prominent decidable fragments of classical first-order logic. It is particularly important in computer science because of its decidability and connections with other formalisms like modal, temporal or description logics and applications in XML or ontology reasoning. Unfortunately, even very simple properties, like being a tree, transitivity or connectedness are not expressible in FO2. Therefore it is natural to consider extensions where distinguished predicates are interpreted in a special way, like representing a tree.

In this talk I will present some of the recent results in this area. In particular I will discuss several extensions of two-variable logic with trees and some of their applications, e.g. in program verification.
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