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Fine-grained language composition

  • Speaker:   Dr  Laurie Tratt  (Kings College London)
  • Host:   Mikel Lujan
  • 30th September 2015 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T. 1.4
Programming languages are islands, each disconnected from the rest. We choose a language for a task and, for better or worse, stick with it. Communicating between programs written in different languages is such a slow, arduous, task that we avoid doing it whenever possible.

In this talk I will show how language composition can lower, and even remove, the barriers between languages. We have pioneered new approaches to the two major challenges in language composition: editing and running composed programs. Using our novel editor 'Eco', users can write source files that contain fragments of multiple languages. We then run multi-language programs using composed meta-tracing VMs. Our preliminary results suggest that performance of composed programs is often competitive with traditional mono-language VMs.

Language composition has several possible uses, and I will conclude by considering how it might be used to allow users to gradually migrate a system from a legacy language to a new language.

Joint work with Edd Barrett, Carl Friedrich Bolz, and Lukas Diekmann More at
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