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Just how smart does a campus need to be?

  • Speaker:   Dan Hill  (Arup Partners)
  • Host:   Simon Harper
  • 10th May 2017 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T 1.5
Using experiences and insights drawn from smart city, urban innovation and campus experience projects globally, Dan will discuss latest thinking in so-called smart buildings, campuses and districts, focusing on the ideas of health, wellbeing and sustainability, for both individuals and cities.

These include urban sensing projects (for air quality) and cycling user experience projects from Future Cities Catapult, as well as ideas of `quiet tech?, which attempt to manage cognitive overload in busy urban experiences, alongside approaches such as participative design processes, which open up a broader idea of a `healthy place?, in terms of sustainability and resilience.

This will be framed the lens of `smart citizens, not smart cities??and open up a discussion around the idea of smart cities and smart campuses in generaly.

Case studies from projects ranging from university campuses like University of Glasgow to Anglia Ruskin University, RMIT University in Melbourne to State Library of Queensland in Brisbane, and commercial campus development work for major technology firms, as well as urban development and smart city strategies for cities like Amsterdam, Helsinki, Melbourne and London.
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