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Model independent schema and data translation

  • Speaker:   Prof  Paolo Atzeni  (Universita Roma Tr)
  • Host:   Paolo Missier
  • 12th March 2008 at 14:15 in Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building
We discuss a proposal for the implementation of the model management operator ModelGen, which translates schemas from one model to another, for example from OO to SQL or from SQL to XSD.

The operator can be used to generate database wrappers (e.g. OO or XML to relational), default user interfaces (e.g. relational to forms), or default database schemas from other representations. The approach translates schemas from a model to another, within a predefined, but large and extensible, set of models: given a source schema \(S\) expressed in a source model, and a target model TM, it generates a schema \(S^\prime\) expressed in TM that is ``equivalent' ' to \(S\). A wide family of models is handled by using a metamodel in which models can be succinctly and precisely described. The approach expresses the translation as Datalog rules and exposes the source and target of the translation in a generic relational dictionary.

This makes the translation transparent, easy to customize and model-independent. The proposal includes automatic generation of translations as composition of basic steps, on the basis of reasoning on the Datalog rules that specify translations.
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