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Data centre management

  • Speaker:   Dr  David Snelling  (Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe)
  • Host:   John Brooke
  • 9th April 2008 at 14:15 in Lecture Theatre 1.4, Kilburn Building
As data centers increase in size, their management costs rise due to increased errors and staffing. Multiple, heterogeneous layers in these centers create complex and expensive management problems. Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe (FLE) has developed a unified framework for data center management and is working to integrate it into Fujitsu's products and services. There are two aspects of this development covered in this talk. FLE has developed a working framework for heterogeneous management data centre resources. The Unified Systems Management Technology is a Web services based, lightweight management framework that allows many aspects of the data centre to be managed using a unified collection of abstractions. The second topic will address how this technology can be enhanced to provide a cascaded, self-managed service model. In particular, the talk will explore how the metaphor of a medical diagnosis and treatment cycle can be used to enhance self-management to include self-healing and optimization. Lastly, I would like to explore with the audience how these ideas can be extended outside the rather narrow scope of data centre management.
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