Computing in Schools - Our Engagement

The School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester is heavily involved in supporting schools in their adoption and expansion of computing, both as a classroom subject and as a school activity.

We support teachers, through workshops, training courses and with in-school help. We also put on a wide range of exciting activities for schoolchildren to help them become engaged with the latest science and technology. These activities include “hands-on” workshops, both in schools and on the university campus, Discover Computer Science days, national and local competitions, talks in schools by experts, and support for school clubs and classroom activities. Some of this support is through one-off events, others can extend over a period, and some are year-long engagements with schools, helping teachers and schoolchildren develop their skills. 

Both staff and students of the School of Computing Science are involved in supporting schools, especially students, with a large number of schools volunteers. Students from other disciplines are also involved. Below are a few of the kind of activities that we do.

Watch a video of a summary of activites:

Explore a map of our engaged UK Schools:

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