• School Research Symposium 2014

    Published: Thursday, 06 November 2014

    Last week, we had this year’s installment of our Research Symposium.


    With 36 oral presentations, 1 keynote by Stephen Brewster, ~50 poster presentations, and various prizes it was a great success. There was a real buzz around the School, with a lot of people discussing their research. Russell Bee (IBM) was impressed by the depth and breadth of the ongoing research the quality of the poster presentations! A big “Thank you” also goes to the session chairs and to the judges of the poster session, who helped us to identify two winning poster presenters: Iliada Eleftheriou and Jonathan Heathcote, congratulations!

    Posters from the symposium will be displayed on the 2nd floor of the Kilburn Building.

    • Iliada Eleftheriou (supervised by Dr Suzanne Embury and Prof. Andrew Brass): Information portability in large, complex organisations Best poster
    • Jonathan Heathcote (supervised by Dr Jim Garside and Prof. Steve Furber): Synchronising Clocks in an Asynchronous Super-Computer Best poster


    Other awards that were presented on the day:

    Best Thesis Prize was awarded to Maytham Alabbas (supervised by Prof. Allan Ramsay)
    Thesis title: Textual entailment for modern standard Arabic (2013)
    Best Paper Prize was awarded to Patrick Koopman (supervised by Dr Renate Schmidt)for Forgetting Concept and Role Symbols in ALCH-Ontologies
    Patrick Koopmann and Renate A. Schmidt, published in LPAR-19, LNCS 8312, pp. 552–567, 2013.
    Runner-up Best Paper Prize was awarded to Konstantinos Sechidis (supervised by Dr Gavin Brown) for Statistical Hypothesis Testing in Positive Unlabelled Data
    Konstantinos Sechidis , Borja Calvo , and Gavin Brown; ECML PKDD 2014
    Runner-up Best Paper Prize was awarded to Tamas Madl (supervised by Dr Ke Chen) for Bayesian integration of information in hippocampal place cells
    Madl T., Franklin S., Chen K., Montaldi D., and Trappl R. (2014); PLoS ONE 9(3): e89762. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089762

    For more information on the Symposium contact Prof. Uli Sattler and see http://studentnet.cs.manchester.ac.uk/pgr/symposium/

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