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    Published: Thursday, 20 September 2018

    A newsletter for PGR

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    Welcome to Manchester!

    Welcome to our new Postgraduate researchers who are joining us here in Manchester. Remember to talk with our existing PGR students who can help you along the way!

    Also, make sure you attend the mentors events and School fucntions whre you can meet others. If you have any problems contact your supervisor, advisor, PhD/CDT/EngD Managers  or myself!

    Have a great start of term to everyone!

    gravatar Simon Harper

    [ top ]Owning Your Research Project

    ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)

    It is a requirement that all postgraduate researchers at the University of Manchester create an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and make it known to the University. ORCID is a non-profit organisation supported by a global community of organisations with interest in research.  Your ORCID provides a unique research identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and links your professional activities. Registration to ORCID is free and will mean that research outputs can be tagged and tracked more easily throughout your career. ORCIDs are now routinely being requested by publishers and funders and it is therefore important that all researchers create an ORCID and make it available to the University.

    What do you need to do?

    Registering for an ORCID is quick and easy and we have set up a dedicated web page to help you to claim your ORCID. You can create your ORCID and connect it to your student record by following a few simple steps on the following webpage:


    If you have any questions about how to claim your ORCID please contact the Library’s ORCID Support Service at uml.scholarlycommunication@manchester.ac.uk . The Library will also be running a number of ORCID training sessions throughout semester 1. Further details and booking information can be found at My Research Essentials. 


    gravatar Simon Harper

    PGR Welcome Slides

    As requested here are Eva's PGR Welcome Slides!


    gravatar Simon Harper

    [ top ]Professional Development (and Networks)

    Hoax conferences

    We have recently become aware of an unfortunate situation whereby a PGR student registered for an international conference that turned out to be a hoax.  The student paid the registration fee and travelled to the US to only find the conference was in fact not legitimate, despite quite convincing marketing information and a schedule of known speakers in the field.  We would like to warn all students of the potential risks.  The conference was advertised through ‘conferenceseries.com’ which appears to be known as a fake organisation if you search for them online.  Please always discuss your attendance at conferences with your supervisor.


    gravatar Simon Harper

    [ top ]PGR Mentors

    Come and Welcome the new intake of PGR student

    Come and welcome our new intake of PGR students at our regular Friday PGR shindig on Friday 21st Sept at 16:30 in the Senior Common Room. There will be free drinks - both non-alcoholic and alcoholic - and Pizza too! Music, chatting, conversation, and social-ness!

    So help us put our new students at ease; we may even be allowed out to christen the new courtyard!

    gravatar Simon Harper

    gravatar Simon Harper
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