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    Published: Thursday, 29 November 2018

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    PLEASE NOTE: During the University's Christmas and New Year closure period of 22nd December 2018 – 1st January 2019 inclusive, the Kilburn and IT buildings are CLOSED.  There will be no heating or ventilation, no cleaning and no emptying of rubbish.  There will be no IT technical support and the IT team in the School may take the opportunity to perform maintenance during the Christmas break.  As such, there may be brief or extended periods when some services are unavailable.

    In light of the above, PGR students should not plan to work in Kilburn or IT buildings during the Christmas and New Year closure period unless there is a real necessity to do so; access is only for absolutely essential and time-critical work that can’t be done anywhere else. The University's Learning Commons and the George Kenyon IT cluster are open throughout the period apart from on the 25th and 26th December 2018, if you wish to take the opportunity to use the facilities available there.

    If, in extreme circumstances students need to be in the School’s buildings at any point during the Closed period of 22nd December 2018 – 1st January 2019, you would need a valid out-of-hours pass, including for daytime entry.

    With best wishes for the Christmas and New Year period

    Student Support Office, School of Computer Science

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    School festive party 18th December

    We'll have a School Christmas Party on Tuesday 18 December at 3 P.M. onwards in the Senior Common Room.

    Drinks, food, quiz and a band. Put the date in your diaries.

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    Team Uganda are looking for volunteers for Summer 2019

    Have you ever wanted to volunteer internationally? Would you love the chance to lead a team in another country?  We're looking for volunteers for Team Uganda Summer 2019.

    This fully funded flagship international volunteering project, exclusively for students from The University of Manchester, is a partnership project between the University and S.A.L.V.E. (Support and Love via Education) International, a charity based in Manchester and working in Uganda with street connected children.

    This year Team Uganda is taking place from Saturday 21 July to Sunday 19 August 2019, delivering community based projects.

    All members of the team will also jointly contribute to running a holiday camp for young people who were formerly living on the streets of Uganda, to help develop young people’s knowledge, skills and talents.

    The team will consist of an Assistant Project Leader, 14 Team Members and 8 Ugandan volunteers.

    Check out the blog from last year to hear from previous volunteers about their adventures! 

    Applications open on 28 January 2019!

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]Professional Development (and Networks)

    Open Funding Call for PGR-led projects

    Anything but Research’ (AbR) is PGR-led initiative to help PGR students to fund their non-research ideas. We aim to improve your PGR experience by supporting and encouraging student initiation of, and participation in, cross-disciplinary events outside of their research.

    Do you have an outstanding idea to enhance the PGR landscape at UoM? In general, any project that conforms to the aims and core-values of the AbR fund, and which is established by PGR students at UoM, is eligible for funding.

    The current application deadline is the 15th December 2018. The maximum amount of funding per project is £2500.

    Application for funding by AbR can easily be done by filling the ABR Application Form.

    For more information, check www.Manchester.ac.uk/anythingbutresearch or email abr@manchester.ac.uk.

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

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    PGR/staff drinks

    Hi everyone,

    We are happy to invite all PGR and staff for drinks in the Common Room on Friday, 30th of November, starting at 16:30. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.

    See you there!

    The Mentors

    gravatar Alessio Sarullo

    [ top ]Notes from the Advisors

    Are you multilingually engaged? 

    Are you multilingually engaged? 

    1) Would you like to showcase your research in another language? If you are bilingual staff or students (Mandarin, Polish, Arabic) who may be interested in coming along and doing an activity alongside MiB researchers in a local supplementary language school, please contact Nick (Nicholas.weise@manchester.ac.uk):  all contributions from any area of science/engineering are welcome!

    2) Join the Spanish seminar series at the Cervantes Institute: a seminar just needs 3-5 Spanish-speaking researchers to give a 10 minute talk about their work to the non-specialist audience. If you think you might be able to get together enough interest for one seminar,  please contact Nick (Nicholas.weise@manchester.ac.uk).

    gravatar Giles Reger

    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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