• Hackathon Winners and International Undergraduate Award success

    Published: Monday, 28 November 2016

    A huge congratulations to all our amazing students!

    Dragos Alex Radu (Y3, AI), Raul Ignatus (Y1, CS), Andrei Muntean (Y3, CS) and Alexandru-Paul Copil (Y1, AIwIE) from the University of Manchester have won both Second Prize, and the Microsoft Challenge. They developed a program that can generate an instrumental track for your lyrics. You input a text and it uses cosine similarity analysis to find the training data songs that resemble it the most, then takes the first three and inputs them into a restricted Boltzmann machine algorithm that generates new original music based on that.

    Also huge congratulations to Ignas Bolsakovas (Y3, CMwIE) and his team, who won First Prize at the Hackergames hackathon in Utrecht at the weekend, organised by Capgemini and IBM. The team built an intelligent personal assistant that learns the routines and habits of the user. As well as winning the event, they also won a trip to Silicon Valley.

    Finally, Veneta Haramplieve (CSwIE, graduated 2016, now Software Engineer at Amazon) received a special award from the University last week in recognition of her final year project being given a "Highly Commended" rating in the international Undergraduate Awards, aka the “Junior Nobel Prizes”, placing her project  in the top 10% of undergraduates internationally, across all subjects.

    Well done to everyone on their amazing success!

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