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    Published: Monday, 03 April 2017

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    Toby picGood morning UG! It’s Monday 3 April, and it’s the first week of the 3-week Easter break. I hope you’re enjoying a well-earned rest and perhaps planning a bit of catchup and revision. 3rd Year students, good luck with writing your project reports and making your screencasts, and remember to ask your Supervisor for feedback on drafts of each. The Monday Mail is having an Easter break, but will be back again on Monday 24 April (Week 10, a B week). Meanwhile, on with today’s news, and have a Happy Easter!

    Best wishes,
    Toby Howard
    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    * MAY BALL. Natalie Silver (Y3, CSBM) writes: This year's Spring Ball (formerly the May Ball) will be on Saturday 29 April at 18:30. It’s at the beautiful Imperial War Museum North! This year's Ball will be the best in years, so make sure to get a ticket ASAP when they go on sale next week – the first few tickets will be subsidised significantly. Buying a ticket will be very simple, via a website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    Imperial War Museum

    * HACKTRAIN WINS. Good news from Hacktrain which took place on 24-26 March. Dragos Alex Radu (Y3, AI) won the O2 challenge (best solution for passenger movement data) while Alex Copil (Y1, AIwIE) won the Reading Buses challenge (best solution for buses). Congratulations both!

    Durian fruit* SMELLY FRUIT ALERT. If you were in Kilburn late Friday afternoon you’ll know that we evacuated the building after reports of a strong smell of gas. It was indeed a strong smell but it turned out to be from some durian fruit in a waste-bin! Well you can’t be too careful…

    * KILBURN EASTER OPENING TIMES. And assuming there is no more fruit-based chaos, from today until 24 April access is 08:00-23:30 (with out-of-hours pass). Labs open are LF31, Tootill and 1.8. Please note there’ll be no IT support over the Bank Holiday weekend of 14-17 April.

    * ALEXA PROJECT. This from Struan McDonough (Y3, CMwIE): this Easter, I'm looking to launch an Amazon Alexa skill, which connects to the Monday Mail, and allows Alexa to read it to you. I'm going to need help teaching Alexa to read some of the messages more clearly, such as understanding acronyms and shorthand messages. If you're interested in learning a bit about Alexa over the Easter break, and help launch a skill before week 10, please get in contact!

    * REP OF THE YEAR. Amanda Källstig, Education Engagement Assistant at the Students Union writes: is there a student rep who you think has done a particularly fantastic job? If so, why not nominate them for Student Rep of the Year (deadline 7 April)? All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition, and one Student Rep from each Faculty will be chosen to receive an Award at our Celebrate Week Celebration on 9 May.

    * WORK FOR HORNET. Hornet is recruiting reps, responsible for first-line support/resolution of wired and wireless issues reported in UoM Halls of residence.

    Kilburn and bunnies* NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY. Final year students, the giant Easter bunnies have now wrapped 52% of Kilburn up, so if you haven’t yet done your NSS please help the bunnies in their task, and take your NSS ack to SSO for your free bar of choc and your chance to win £100 in our final prize draw on 28 April.

    * CYBER CONF. We have some complimentary tickets (£50 otherwise) for the upcoming Cyber Security Conference Defending the Public from Cyber-Attacks on 17 May at Old Trafford Stadium. With high-profile speakers including Ian Bryant, Chief for Cyber Systems Protection Policy at the Ministry of Defence, and the School’s very own security guru Dr Daniel Dresner. Apply quickly to grab a free ticket.

    * MASTERS BURSARY. Interested in a taught Masters? The University is offering 100 bursaries for master’s students, each worth £3,000, to UK and EU students who will be starting taught Master’s courses in September 2017.

    * MACHINE INTELLIGENCE TALK. This Weds 5 April, 17:45-19:50 at Alliance Manchester Business School East scientific entrepreneur and venture capitalist Dr Hermann Hauser will contrast two types of machines: one based on biology (humans) and the other based on computers and the Internet of Things. The lecture will demonstrate a surprising analogy between the many skills and abilities the two intelligences have in common. Dr Hauser will be joined in the discussion by Steve Furber, Professor of Computer Engineering, School of Computer Science. All welcome, pre-registration required.

    * XKCD. Not news, just fun. I thought you’d enjoy xkcd’s take on chat systems.

    xkcd on chat systems

    * SOCIAL GOOD. The next J.P. Morgan Technology Code for Good event is in Bournemouth on 9-10 June. It’s a coding event that pairs up students with social good organisations in need of innovative technology solutions and allows students to test their creativity, problem solving, and technical skills to help a good cause. This program not only offers students prizes, but also the opportunity to get on track for a summer internship or a full-time position in the JPM Technology Analyst Development Program. Apply (deadline Sunday 28 May).

    * NANOSCALE TALK. Ultrafast and very small: Discover Nanoscale Magnetism With Picosecond Time Resolution Using X-Rays with Dr Hendrik Ohldag from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park California. This Thurs 6 April in Kilburn IT407 at 14:00. All welcome.

    * SOMETHING TO SHARE? Deadline for sending in Monday Mail items: 17:00 every Friday.

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