• PGT Student Journey Mapping

    Published: Monday, 27 March 2017

    PGT Student Journey Mapping - your views please!

    The University is currently reviewing its student systems and processes, with a view to improving the student “journey” through the University from initial enquiry though to graduation. As a current MSc student I thought you would be an ideal candidate to help us out.

    We are holding a workshop on Wednesday 29 March and would like you to join us if you are available. In the workshop, we will ask you to review information that we have put together about the steps of the Taught Masters student journey. We will ask you to validate the information or tell us if you think the stages are different in any way.

    The workshop will be held in Committee Room G, Whitworth Building on Wednesday, commencing with a free buffet lunch around 13:00.

    If you are able to attend the workshop, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Best wishes


    Cassie Barlow l Recruitment & Admissions Manager l School of Computer Science l Kilburn Building, Room 2.10 l The University of Manchester l Manchester, M13 9PL l Tel (+44) 0161 275 6140

    Email cassie.barlow@manchester.ac.uk 

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