• COMP26120 (Algorithms) - arrangements for final lecture and lab sessions

    Published: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

    COMP26120 (Algorithms) - arrangements for final lecture and lab sessions

    COMP26120 (Algorithms and Imperative Languages) - arrangements for final lecture and lab sessions:

       The final lecture is next week (Tues 2nd May, 2pm 1.1) and will be a revision session. We will outline the exam structure and give guidance on revision. Come along with questions, topics, etc.

    Laboratory arrangements:

    For those in Wednesday (10-12 in G23) and Friday (9-11 in LF31) sessions:  Next week is the final week to complete the final exercise, automatic extensions are to the week after, which will be marking only sessions.

    For those in Monday sessions (10-12 in G23):  Next week is a Public Holiday so no lab session. The final session for the final exercises is Monday 8th May. Extensions are to Monday 15th May which is a marking only session.

    **** All second semester exercises should be marked in these sessions. 

    **** You are very strongly recommended to get all the exercises marked as soon as possible. Leaving it to the last marking session is not a good idea and is strongly discouraged, as you may have to wait for a considerable time whilst other students are marked. 


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