• [CM3] Meetings to conclude the year

    Published: Saturday, 06 May 2017

    Dear all,


    as I said in a previous email there are two more meetings I'd like you to attend, both on Wednedsay 10th May.


    At 12.00 I'll be meeting the second year CM students to talk about Year 3 (course units, project selection, the dos and don'ts of getting through the year).


    After that I would like to meet with as many of you as possible to review your experience on the programme, take one more chance to get feedback from you, but also to talk to you for one last time before you graduate and, in most cases, leave the University of Manchester behind.


    The second year meeting starts at 12.00 and is meant to last for an hour, and after that it will just be you third years. Do feel free to bring lunch - I will ensure that there's dessert at the second meeting (once we've kicked out the second years ;). How long this second meeting lasts is largely up to you. Both meetings will take place in


    G102   on Wednesday 10 May (12.00 including second years, 1.00 just third years).


    I hope to see all of you there,



    gravatar Andrea Schalk
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