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    Published: Monday, 15 May 2017

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    Good morning UG! It’s Monday 15 May, scheduled teaching activities are now over, and the Exams period starts this week on Thursday 18 May. I hope all goes well. Make sure you know your exam schedule and locations precisely – it's your responsibility to be in the right place at the right time! In case of emergencies the central contact point is SSO, and you should email them immediately (or call 0161 306 8155) if you think you have any issues. Now, on with today’s news...

    Best wishes,
    Toby Howard
    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    * PASS AWARDS SUCCESS. Congratulations to Struan McDonough (Y3, CMwIE) who received an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Peer Support’ award for his contribution to the School’s PASS scheme at the Peer Support Celebration Evening on 4 May at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. The event was attended by over 100 students and staff from across the University. Struan’s award was presented by Lemn Sissay, Chancellor of the University. This is the 5th year in a row that the School has had at least one recipient of this prestigious award. Thank you to everyone in the School who has helped to make our PASS scheme a huge success again this year!

    * SPRING BALL. This from Natalie Silver (Y3, CSBM): The Spring Ball a few weeks ago with Whitworth Park Halls was a beautiful, fun event at the Imperial War Museum, Salford Quays. Everyone enjoyed the stunning venue and had fun dancing, drinking and celebrating (close to) the end of the year with their friends. CSSoc was happy to organize this event, and looks forward to similar events in the future.

    Two pic from the Spring Ball

    * CSSOC NEXT YEAR. At last week’s CSSoc AGM Zeki Forster (Y1, CSwIE) and Rafid Lafir (Y1, CS4wIE) were elected as the new co-chairs of the society. Also elected were Secretary: Alexandra Dumitriu (Y1, CSwIE), Treasurer: Danielle Idehen (Y1, CSwIE), and Dev Officer: Michael Yonli (Y1, CS4). We all thank the outgoing team for doing an outstanding job this year and good luck to the new team for a successful year of CSSoc activities from next September.

    * SHOWCASES. Last Friday third year students demonstrated their projects, work they've been doing since September of 2016 in a range of areas including Big Data, Internet of Things, Gaming and educational outreach. At the same time, eight teams of second year students demonstrated their "Event-lite" applications, built using the Spring framework, git and knowledge gained on COMP23420 Software Engineering.

    Collage of pix from the two showcases

    * NEW BLOGPOST. Our blogger Aayush Chadha (Y1, AI) has a new blog post ‘Studying, living and working in Manchester’. Check it out.

    * DATES FOR YOUR DIARY.  See exam results publication dates and more.

    * NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY. Congratulations to Arjun Mistry (Y3, CMwIE) who won last week’s prize draw – £100 of High Street vouchers.

    * MIT CIRCS. If there are any mitigating circumstances that have affected you during the Semester 2 teaching period, the deadline for submitting a mitigating circumstances form to SSO is this Thursday 18 May. If there are any mitigating circumstances for the Semester 2 exam period, the deadline for submitting is Friday 9 June. If you have any queries, please speak to your Year Tutor (Y1: Sean Bechhofer; Y2: Duncan Hull; Y3: Tim Morris; Y4: Nick Filer; CM: Andrea Schalk). The School is unable to consider your circumstances unless you have submitted a Mitigating Circumstances form by the above deadlines.

    * EXAMS SUPPORT. A reminder that we have an archive of past exam papers, which includes comments from staff on the way exams were answered. If you feel you need support, here are some contacts. And the Library’s Exam Extra scheme is running from now until 7 June, offering students a range of support during this exam season including additional support workshops, online resources, extended opening hours and help finding study spaces.

    * FREE SOFTWARE MEETING.  At Manchester Free Software's May Meeting, John Rooke will talk about email self-defence including testing using the FSF's "Edward" bot, understanding the web of trust and how to use it, the Certificate Authority system and more. Tomorrow Tues 16 May 19:00-21:00 at Madlab (M4 1HN).

    * SOMETHING TO SHARE? Deadline for sending in Monday Mail items: 17:00 every Friday.

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