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    Published: Monday, 29 May 2017

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    Toby picGood morning UG! It’s Monday 29 May, and it’s the third week of exams. It’s also a Bank Holiday today so a valid out-of-hours pass will be required to use LF31, Tootill and 1.8 Labs from 08:00-23:30. I hope the exams are going well – in case of emergencies contact SSO (email, 0161 306 8155).

    Best wishes,
    Toby Howard
    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    * OPEN DAYS. Want to earn up to £80? Have something cool and interesting to demonstrate and talk about? The School’s Open Day team are looking for students to contribute to the Open Days on 23-24 June, which will see over 700 visitors to the Kilburn Building. You can talk about anything from paradrones to oculus rifts, 1st or 3rd year projects, student societies, anything! Interested? Contact Jez Lloyd ASAP.

    * UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS. If you have some coursework, or maybe your 3rd year Project, that you’re proud of, why not submit it to the Undergraduate Awards (aka the “Junior Nobel Prizes”)? You could win a trip to Ireland to the UA Global Summit in Dublin – a three-day long networking and brainstorming event which brings together the brightest and most innovative students in the world. Submission deadline is 13 June. Last year Veneta Haramplieva (CSwIE, graduated 2016, now Software Engineer at Amazon) won a "Highly Commended" award, placing her project (supervisor Gavin Brown) in the top 10% of undergraduates internationally, across all subjects!  Go on, have a go!

    * GORILLA RUN. Suvi Singh (Y1, CMwIE) and Jonathan Tang (Y1, CM) have written an app called Gorilla Run which was launched in the App store yesterday. Check out their FB page, there's five £10 Amazon vouchers to be won!

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    * MIT CIRCS. If you want to tell us about any mitigating circumstances for the Semester 2 exam period, the deadline is Friday 9 June. If you have any queries, please talk to your Year Tutor (Y1: Sean Bechhofer; Y2: Duncan Hull; Y3: Tim Morris; Y4: Nick Filer; CM: Andrea Schalk). We can’t consider your circumstances unless you’ve  submitted a Mit Circs form by the deadline.

    * EXAMS SUPPORT. A reminder that we have an archive of past exam papers, which includes comments from staff on the way exams were answered. If you feel you need support, here are some contacts. And the Library’s Exam Extra scheme is running from now until 7 June, offering students a range of support during this exam season including additional support workshops, online resources, extended opening hours and help finding study spaces.

    * CODE QUALITY. For a bit of light relief from revision, here’s one of xkcd’s takes on code quality (although of course I’m sure it doesn’t apply to you!)

    Four frames horizontally. In Frame 1 one a girl is seated at a computer desk reviewing someone's code. She's speaking. Frame 1: Your code looks like song lyrics written using only the stuff that comes after the question mark in a URL. [Out of frame-voice: sorry.]. Frame 2: It's like a JSON table of model numbers for flashlights with 'tactical' in their names. Frame 3: Like you read Turing's 1936 paper on computing and a page of Javascript and guessed at everything in between. Frame 4: It's like a leet-speak translation of a manifesto by a survivalist cult leader who's for some reason obsessed with memory allocation. [Out of frame-voice replies: I can get someone else to review my code. [girl:] not more than once, I bet.

    * GNOME CONF. The main annual event of the GNOME project, the GUADEC conference, is coming to Manchester 28 July-2 August. The focus is on desktop software for GNU/Linux, with many programming-related sessions mostly around C, Python and JavaScript. Full details.

    * JAMCHESTER. The UK’s biggest professional game jam (Jamchester) is here on 23-25 June at The Studio event space in the heart of Manchester. It’s an annual, weekend-long video game and VR creation competition. There’s a few tickets left, so hurry!

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    * ROCKET SCIENCE. The Rocket.Build Academy programming competition gives you the chance to win £5,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to the USA for a future Rocket.Build event. 

    * SOMETHING TO SHARE? Deadline for sending in Monday Mail items: 17:00 every Friday.

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