• Faculty TA training and Git course

    Published: Thursday, 07 September 2017

    Please check the Faculty training website, and register for any courses you have not completed already: https://online.manchester.ac.uk/webapps/blackboard/execute/content/blankPage?cmd=view&content_id=_4938237_1&course_id=_39483_1

    Hi all, and welcome back from the summer break!

    We have updated our TA training provision this year - essential information this year.

    All TAs MUST complete the online Health & Safety and Equality & Diversity modules. Computer Science TAs MUST also complete Roles & Expectations (FSESS8201) and Introduction to GTA (FSESS8200).

    Full details of Faculty courses are available here:


    Git now plays a much more central role in our teaching. If you wish to teach on COPM10120 (First Year Team Project), COMP61511 (Software Eng Concepts in Practice), COMP62521 (Agile and Test-Driven Development), COMP23311 (Software Engineering I) or COMP23421 (Software Engineering II) you must complete the Git course provided by the staff training and development unit. We only can make exceptions for this where you are already an expert (i.e., use it every day).

    We are running a session for CS PhD students on 19th September, 9.30 - 15.30 in G23. If you are unable to make this, please register for the next session at: https://app.manchester.ac.uk/training/profile.aspx?unitid=5760&parentId=4&returnId=4&returntxt=Return%20To%20Search&returnQs=%3fterm%3dgit%26org%3d0

    I'll shortly be providing further information about the recognition TAs will get for completing training, that you can use for your CV.

    Any questions, please let me know!

    Best wishes,


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