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    Published: Thursday, 08 March 2018

    This is a follow-up message on the message sent on 8th February.Please see this previous message for further details.

    This is a follow-up message on the message sent on 8th February. Please see this previous message for further details.

    Firstly, a reminder that information about talks and posters should be submitted to EasyChair by 12th March using this page.

    A few people have asked me about whether they need to take part. It is expected that all research students take part as stated in the handbook. Those with a good reason for why they cannot take part should contact me (those who have already done this do not need to do it again). For first year students, attendance at the research symposium forms part of your last scientific methods course.

    I would take this opportunity to remind you that PGR students do not have term dates in the same way as taught students. You are expected to be present for all activities that you are required for (which include TA duties you have agreed to, scientific methods courses, and the research symposium). Beyond these activities, periods of leave should be agreed with your supervisor.

    Students beyond the first year should have marked the research symposium in their calendars when they were notified of the date change on the 15th August last year. I now see that the message that I thought I had sent to 1st year students before Christmas was not sent. I apologise for this and understand that some of you may have made plans before my previous email in February (I assume I have been notified of all such cases now). As stated above, in all cases, please let me know if you cannot participate (it is better that I know now rather than having to chase you later).

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