CDT in Computer Science

4-year fully-funded PhD in our Centre for Doctoral Training

The UK three-year PhD by necessity of its length focuses on excellence in research, and understanding the academic literature. This focus is very important and will not be lost in the 4-year approach of the CDT PhD. However, students will also gain training and experience in all of the research steps: creativity and innovation, thinking about impacts of research at the outset, and understanding through collaboration with industrial and outside users how research can have big impacts in non-academic ways. We also give the students a broader range of experiences in research problem-solving, which will produce much better prepared post-graduates.

The programme consists of an initial ‘foundation period’ of six months of taught components, followed by a 3.5 year period of focused PhD level research, carried out under the supervision of a PhD supervisor or team of supervisors.

The programme uses two integrative themes to focus students on the challenges facing the next generation of researchers in computer science rather than particular methods associated with a research community. These two themes cut across computer science and represent broad areas in which Manchester has a large and world-leading research base. read more...



Professor Steve Furber

At Manchester, busy with Spiking Neural Network Architecture (SpiNNaker) project, which is aiming to build one million ARM processor cores into a machine tuned for executing real-time brain models.

Prof Steve Furber

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