The MPhil consists of one year of research culminating in an MPhil thesis and often leads to a full PhD. As a research student you would typically work in an office with three/four other researchers from your group. You would be encouraged to present papers at conferences and publish your results in academic journals. We run several research training course-units and you can take course-units on a number of our Masters programmes. Opportunities are also provided to supplement income by undertaking laboratory demonstrating and other teaching support work.

Browse through our Research project List to find a suitable topic or potential supervisor. For those new to research, the School provides a programme of taught courses on topics such as research methods, research planning and thesis writing. A research degree involves sustained, in-depth study of a specific area, which is then written up as a thesis for examination. It enables you to become an expert in your field, as well as giving you the core skills you need to perform effective research across a broader spectrum of areas. Please see programme details page for further information.



Our School is made distinctive by our history, the breadth of our interests, and the depth of our achievement; which has been sustained for decades now. It's an exciting, friendly place, where everyone is always aware that a new and groundbreaking achievement is just around the corner.


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