Mobile phone based tools for independent living

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  • Self-Funded Students Only
If you have the correct qualifications and access to your own funding, either from your home country or your own finances, your application to work with this supervisor will be considered.

Project description

We are interested in developing tools to support independent living. These will allow the visually handicapped to live more independently by providing suitable support. Typical applications that could be developed include tools that process images or video data to determine:

Where am I?
Safe areas of a pavement to walk on
Obstacles in a corridor to avoid
The contents of signs
The contents of moving displays

The tools are usually deployed on mobile phones since these are devices that are cheap, easily purchased and easily programmed, but have the disadvantage of having (relatively) low processing capabilities.

The projects will involve analysing a suitable problem, determining and implementing a suitable solution and finally evaluating it with a suitable user group.

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