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Manchester is renowned for its innovative approach to postgraduate teaching. Our size and research strength enable us to offer a combination of breadth, depth, and flexibility that is difficult to find elsewhere. For those whose first degree has a lot of computer science content, we offer an MSc course in Advanced Computer Science and an MRes in Advanced Computer Science. Roughly speaking, the MSc course is taught 50:50 via course units and a project, whereas this ratio is 33:67 for the MRes course. 

Regardless of your course choice, you will be able to shape your own course by choosing from a wide spectrum of computer science and interdisciplinary topics. If you choose the MSc in Advanced Computer Science course you can either opt to follow the standard course or to flavour your MSc by choosing a particular pathway. Pathways will enable you to graduate from the long established and highly respected ACS course together with recognition of your specialisation in your degree title.

To help you with your choice of course units, we have grouped our course units into themes. Themes are collections of course units grouped together to provide focus on specialist topics. Themes are selected at the beginning of the academic year and enable students to deepen their knowledge in specific areas.

Theme = a combination of usually 2 course units.
MSc course (possibly following a Pathway) = selection of 3 themes. 

Flexible ways to study our MSc courses via part time or modular routes.


Course information

Our course information section has further details on our courses and your study timeline.

*New* - MSc Data Science

Become an agile, skilled data scientist, and be prepared for the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary teamwork.

This innovative master's in data science is an opportunity for graduates from a broad range of disciplines to develop data science skills.

Email: pg-soss@manchester.ac.uk for more information.

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