MSc: Modular and Part-Time Face-2-Face Courses



The modular and part-time study programmes are designed to allow participation of industrial participants or those requiring a more flexible learning scheme.  The aim is to allow students to approach their study in a way that suits them.

The course units are specially adapted to suit Modular students and may be taken individually, or as part of a coordinated modular/part-time programme leading to an MSc, by accumulation of the required credits over a longer period.

You are required to complete the same number of taught credits and credits for the MSc project as full-time students, but complete your degree in 2.5 – 4 years (modular MSc) or in up to 2 years (part-time MSc).  

The part-time MSc programmes are eligible for the government's postgraduate loan scheme and must be completed in two years.

The modular MSc programmes are not eligible for the postgraduate loan, but this route has the advantage of allowing you up to four years to complete the course.  We generally advise that you register as a modular degree student if you do not plan to apply for a PG Loan. For students in full-time employment the modular MSc is the best option, as balancing the demands of your employment, studies and social commitments is extremely difficult. Studying part-time (two years) while employed full-time is something we advise against.

Course Units

The taught course units are delivered in an intensive teaching style to enable learning to take place by day-long release from work over a period of five consecutive weeks. During the sixth week you will be working on coursework so you will not physically need to be at the University. This ‘short and fat’ format of MSc courses enables students to fit them around work commitments.

Course units are typically delivered in one of 4 periods that span the academic year. The periods for the following academic year are as follows:

    • Period 1 commencing: Last week in September for 6 weeks
    • Period 2 commencing: Beginning of November for 6 weeks
    • Period 3 commencing: Last week of January for 6 weeks
    • Period 4 commencing: Middle of March for 6 weeks with Easter break in-between

There are no taught activities in the summer. This is when full-time students complete their project and resit exams take place. We refer to this as Period 5.

    • Period 5 commencing: After exams / beginning of June - beginning of September
Extensions to deadlines can be requested by Modular/Part-Time students.  

Research Project

The 90 credits for the research component of the course are split into two blocks of work. The first block is the Research Methods and Professional Skills training. The second part is the project work which is assessed through a Project Overview and Plan and a Dissertation. 

Industrially based students have a choice of carrying out a work based project or selecting one of the individual projects designed by members of staff. Students wishing to carry out work based projects will work on the project with both an industrial and an academic supervisor.

In conjunction with the course director each student will develop their own study course to fit the time commitment they are able to allocate.


Sample study durations

The following are sample study programmes for the Modular MSc programmes:

Modular Masters over 2 ½ years:

Modular Masters over 3 years:

Modular Masters over 4 years:



Available courses

Many of our MSc courses can be taken on a modular basis, providing a flexible route into postgraduate study

Alternate options

Students can study within the postgraduate school even if they do not feel able to commit to the full MSc, with the 'exit points', please see the Credits and Certificates section.

Students can upgrade, or downgrade the qualifications for which they are registered in consultation with academic advisors.


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