Degree structure

As one of the largest School of Computer Science in the UK we're able to offer a broad range of computing programmes. We're also able to offer multiple variants of many of our programmes, allowing our students to amass industrial experience or to study units from our Advanced Computer Science MSc. The programme variants on offer are detailed below:

Three-Years BSc Degree Programmes (3yr BSc)

Our three-year BSc programmes provide the opportunity to choose a computing related degree programme that offers flexibility, specialisation or breadth. The Computer Science programme, our most popular, gives you the most flexibility to adapt your studies to reflect your developing interests.

The Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computer Systems Engineering, and Software Engineering courses allow you to concentrate your studies in an aspect of computing that interests you. Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction), Computer Science with Business and Management, and Computer Science and Mathematics programmes allow you to combine a study of computing topics with those from another area.

Four-Years BSc "with Industrial Experience" Degree Courses (4yr BSc wIE)

All of our degree programmes have a significant practical content and prepare you for employment, particularly in computing related industries. The "with Industrial Experience" variants of our programmes enhance this by allowing you to gain relevant industrial experience as part of your studies by spending your third year working for a company actively participating in the design and development of a computing related product or service. Besides the money that you earn during this year, you also gain practical experience that can be invaluable both in your final year project and when applying for jobs after graduating. Many students find that the experience often helps to clarify their ideas about their future career path.

The strength of the School's links with industry means that may of our students undertake placements in some of the most prestigious companies in the world. The companies at which our students are currently placed include Credit Suisse, IBM, Google, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, British Telecom, Accenture, Barclays Capital, Electronic Arts and Mercedes GP.

Four-Years MEng Degree Courses (4yr MEng)

Our MEng programmes are designed to fulfil the highest professional requirements and challenge the ablest of students. They enhance the contents of the equivalent three-year BSc programmes with:

  • a) an increase in the depth and range of computing related subjects studied;
  • b) additional studies in subjects such as management, law, accounting and health and safety;
  • c) an 8 week industrial project;
  • d) a group business feasibility study.

The enhancements enable you to develop an in-depth specialist knowledge across a range of computing subjects, including some covered by the MSc in Advanced Computer Science. They also allow you to understand the business skills you need to develop and manage a successful business exploiting computing technology. Graduates from the MEng programme will be equipped with the higher level skills needed for the top jobs in business or research.

Five-Years MEng "with Industrial Experience" Degree Courses (5yr MEng)

This option incorporates the standard MEng teaching structure with the opportunity to undertake an industrial placement after your third year of study. You then return to your studies for a further year, enabling you to combine the in-depth specialist knowledge gained in the MEng studies with the skills and experience gained from industry.

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