Computer Science (3 Years) [BSc]

Special features

  • A broad and flexible programme that provides the freedom to choose from an extremely wide range of Computer Science topics. 
  • Equips students with skills that are in high demand from industry

Scholarships and bursaries

The University of Manchester is committed to attracting and supporting the very best students. We have a focus on nurturing talent and ability and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to study here, regardless of your financial circumstances. It is estimated that more than a third of our students will receive bursaries of up to £3,000 per year and many will be offered even more generous support. For further information, please visit the University scholarships and bursaries page.

Accrediting organisations

British Computer Society (BCS).

Career opportunities

Increasingly, employers are seeking graduates with high-level computing skills, and the ability to apply them in innovative ways to solve the problems facing their organisations. Opportunities exist in fields as diverse as finance, films and games, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consumer products, and public services - virtually all areas of business and society.

Employers, from large multinational firms such as EA Electronic Arts , IBM and Microsoft to small local organisations, actively target our students, recognising that Manchester Computer Science graduates are equipped with the skills that enable them to excel in a whole host of positions, including many that are not traditionally associated with computing graduates.

What our students say

Nicolae Caprarescu, BSc Computer Science

'I believe that the course provides me with a very good overview of Computer Science as a discipline, but also goes into the appropriate level of detail within the individual modules. The modules combine both theoretical and practical sessions, making sure that you develop an excellent understanding of the topic.'

David Allardyce, BSc Computer Science

'The best thing about studying Computer Science is the involvement the School has had in computing history over the last fifty years, and the positive effects this has on the quality of teaching.'

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