Computer Science (Human Computer Interaction) (3 Years) [BSc]

Human Computer Interaction is an exciting field which looks at the interaction between computer systems and their human users. It is radically changing the way in which we experience our world through the development of new applications in science, engineering and business. 

By giving you a deep understanding of HCI from neurophysiology to advanced social network analysis, from technically complex software engineering and application development to qualitative research design & methods (and everything in between), this course prepares you for professional careers in the Human Computer Interaction and User Experience industry as well as in other areas such as research and technical development.

Themes and specialisation

As the largest School of Computer Science in the UK, we are able to offer course units on a wide range of technical areas, thereby enabling you to match the topics you study to your interests and career aspirations. Course units in second and subsequent years are grouped into themes, which allow you to specialise your study. We work closely with industry to ensure our themes introduce cutting-edge approaches and technologies; in fact, many of our themes are sponsored by industrial partners.

Course variants

You can study this course in the following variants:

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