Software Engineering (3 Years) [BSc]

Fundamentals of Management

Unit code: BMAN10011
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 1
Teaching period(s): Semester 1
Offered by Alliance Manchester Business School
Available as a free choice unit?: Y



Additional Requirements

BMAN10011 is a free choice option for students with prior agreement from their home schools. Core for MLBM, BiolwBM, CSwBM, MathswBM, ChemwBM, PhyswBM, ChemEngwBM & Biotechnology Enterprise w IE. Option for BSc Accounting.



The course aims to equip students with a basic knowledge of management which can be used as a foundation for personal development. The course also aims to be an introduction to future courses in management.


See items 1,2,3,4,5 under Learning Outcomes.

Teaching and learning methods

Methods of delivery:  lectures

Lecture hours - 20 (2 hours per week, over 10 weeks)
Seminar hours - N/A
Private study - 80
Total study hours - 100

Total study hours: 100 hours split between lectures, classes, self study and preparation for classes, coursework and examinations.

Informal Contact Methods
1. Office Hours
2. Online Learning Activities (blogs, discussions, self assessment questions)
3. Other :
E-mail contact.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should be able to:
1) Define management and explain how management differs according to level and whether a manager is a line manager or an enabling role.
2) Briefly describe and contrast four models of management; rational goal, scientific, human relations, open systems.
3) Describe and attain some elementary level of skills in the main management processes: planning, organizing, staffing, deciding, controlling and budgeting.
4) Outline the notion of a management function and be able to name, briefly describe and appreciate the role of the four main management functions: marketing, production (including quality and other technical services), finance and personnel.
5) Discuss and identify the implications of wider management issues such as managing technology, managing diversity, globalization and ethics.

Assessment Further Information

Multiple choice test worth 10%
1.5 hour exam worth 90%


Recommended reading

Smith, J. M. (2007) Fundamentals of Management a Critical Text. London: McGraw-Hill.


Feedback methods

- Formative, voluntary essay with student receiving written, individual feedback.

- Informal advice and discussion during a lecture, seminar, workshop or lab.

- Online exercises and quizzes delivered through the Blackboard course space.

- Responses to student emails and questions from a member of staff including feedback provided to a group via an online discussion forum.

- Specific course related feedback sessions.

- Written and/or verbal comments on assessed or non-assessed coursework (Feedback on multiple-choice test)

- Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall examination performance (Based on previous years)

- Other - please describe:

Qualitative feedback obtained in week 5 and feedback reported in week 6 and on Blackboard.

On-line discussion on two topical issues.

Study hours

  • Assessment practical exam - 5 hours
  • Assessment written exam - 1.5 hours
  • Lectures - 20 hours
  • Independent study hours - 73.5 hours

Teaching staff

Ricardo Twumasi - Unit coordinator

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