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Aayush Chadha

 "I am from Mumbai, India and am studying Artificial Intelligence here. My interests include chess, data science, entrepreneurship and natural language processing. I also love Manchester United and Hackathons!"

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Crefeda Rodrigues

"I am a PhD student in the Advanced Processor Technology (APT) group and was a Masters student in Advanced Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence last year."

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Ana-Gabriela Pandrea

 "I'm a first year student of Artificial Intelligence, trying to make the most of my life. I like problem solving and I dream about developing life-changing solutions for global issues. I come from Romania, but I love travelling and wandering around, while also having a particular interest in the Latin culture."

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Edoardo Moreni

"I was a born physicist, until someone told me Computer Science was better!"

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Veneta Haralampieva

 "I've just started my placement year at Accenture in London and I'm really interested in Machine Learning and Computer Graphics."

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Todd Davies

"I've just returned from a Summer Internship at the Google offices in Munich, where I got to work with lots of the tech that Google is most famous for! I'm not back at the University to study my final year."

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Sam Bail

"While I'm not busy with my research, I organise events for WiSET (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology at our faculty."

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Laura Howarth-Kirke

"I have just graduated and will be working at the BBC in Salford Media Centre next year. I had a great time in Manchester and had lots of fun at the CS May Ball!" 

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Zac Hamid

"I study Computer Science & Maths and am an enthusiast in the field of technology and innovation.  I'm now starting my placement year with IBM."

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Arnab Ghosh

"I am an international student from India, studying MSc Advanced Computer Science. I hope you enjoy reading my experiences in Manchester!"

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Daniel Cuevas

"I studied MSc in Advanced Computer Science and I worked on my dissertation with Prof Andrew Brass on Intergrating specific-disease databases into the diagnosis of gene-related diseases."

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