Ciprian Tomoiaga

A degree in Computer Science from Manchester is so employable. Employers come into the University essentially head-hunting us, and there are so many opportunities to network and meet new people.

When I applied to University, I had to choose between Physics and Computer Science. The latter won for a number of reasons, one of the most important of which was the chance of getting a job after graduating.

The University of Manchester's reputation in Computer Science was definitely the most important factor regarding my choice, followed by its extremely high employability rate.

The University appeared to me like everything I have ever dreamt of. I could not believe how many facilities were available for us, at any time. And I just love how open-minded the staff are when you ask for help. I never imagined I could just walk to a man with five titles in his name and ask him for a little help with an extra-curricular project.

Basically, I believe that Computer Science gives you the most satisfaction for the number of hours you put into it. Every laboratory you can see your work doing something useful in a way or another and that keeps you motivated to do more. And then there is the stuff that you do for societies, like Man-UP, where a lot of amazing projects come to life through your work.

I was extremely impressed with the number of societies available, as I always wanted to try new stuff and it appeared this was the perfect time to do it. Regardless of area of study, you can always find something to suit you or to try something new so you're never bored or stagnating. My ability to speak in public and to give presentations has met, by far, the biggest improvement, by being an active member of societies, taking part in contests and hackathons and even preparing for the first year team project.

Regarding the city, it didn't take longer than a week to learn my way around; Manchester's simplicity being of great help in that matter. I also found it extremely convenient that Computer Science has its own building, so I did not have to bother about finding the place of the next lecture on time.

My advice: get involved! Whether you are the geeky type or enjoy the social part, there is something for you, so get involved! You'll have a great time and it is always rewarding to do something else.

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