Animation Support

Marios Katsakioris & Adrian Moldovan (supervised by Toby Howard)


Marios (left) & Adrian

The staff we worked with on the project were very helpful and firendly, which made us feel comfortable and able to enjoy the whole summer project. We would defintiely repeat the extraordinary jounrey without a second thought!

Our vacation project was helping organise the awards ceremony and festival day for the Animation14 competition, alongside developing two bigger projects to support the Animation team. 

Our day-to-day tasks included setting up hardware, labelling and reordering the storage room, updating power point slides, categorizing the winners’ videos any many more. The two bigger projects were:

  • An app that displayed live tweets in a configurable graphical interface. This was later used in the Animation14 event, where people could view the live tweets projected on a display throughout the day.
  • An engagement activity using a NeuroSky brain device. We used a Bluetooth adaptor to connect a raspberry pi to the brain device and then attached some LEDs and a huge light bulb. The result was an activity where people could control the lights using their mind, depending on the level of their concentration. The higher the concentration, the more lights will be turned on.

During the project it was great to learn new skills, for instance, during the development of the twitter app, we increased our knowledge about python programming. Our hardware and java skills were also improved while working on the brain device project. In addition, having new tasks everyday improved our time management and organisational skills.

Animation14 team

We were proud to create two working projects that have since been used in other public engagement activities by the School. Also being two students working together made the job much more enjoyable, and also, a lasting friendship was built between us. Whenever we have encountered a problem, we could help each other tackle it and find a solution. The staff working for Animation14 were also very helpful and friendly, which made us feel comfortable and able to enjoy the whole summer project. Last but not least the Animation14 event itself was an amazing experience. We would definitely repeat that extraordinary journey without a second thought!

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