Red, Green, Go!

Martin Borizanov (co-supervised by Dr Suzanne Embury and Dr Caroline Jay)


Martin Borizanov

This vacation project has been a very rewarding experience and a great chance to combine and apply my experience from the course, particularly in Test Driven Development (TDD).

Having enjoyed the agile-themed units on the degree course, I developed a keen interest in Agile Development and the related family of practices. Additionally, after I spent a year in industry, I gained an important perspective on the practical applications of the Agile techniques so I was able to experience first-hand the impact, and see the potential, of the discipline. Agile Methodology and Test Driven Development expertise are desired by the majority of the IT businesses. When I read the description of this project, I realised that it matched both my personal interest and career aspirations.

The main goal of the project was to develop a board game that would allow students to focus on actual Test Driven Development and not be required to remember all the details of the process all the time. To achieve this, we developed the Red, Green, Go game, which is based on the 'Snakes & Ladders' format and featured a variety of teaching and game mechanisms. For example, we developed ‘Monopoly’ style cards that give simple piece of advice in critical moments. Additionally, those cards allow students to follow a link to further information and learning resource related to that card. After completing the minimum viable product we organised a user trial to measure the effectiveness of the product.

I was responsible for the graphic design direction and execution as well as researching and designing teaching techniques. This allowed me to practice my graphic design skills and to apply the knowledge I have gained from the User Experience course. Furthermore, through discussions with Suzanne and Caroline, I increased my knowledge and was able to understand more complex, advanced ideas. Overall, the vacation project has been a very rewarding experience and a great chance to combine and apply my previous experience in Test Driven Development.


‌‘Red-Green-Go!’ is a board-game-inspired coaching activity, designed to introduce the agile practices of test-driven development and Ping-Pong pairing. The aim is to allow learners to experience the flow of the TDD style of development using a small but real example, in a short amount of time, without needing lots of guidance. Working in pairs, players move their counters around the board to follow the key steps in the red-green-green TDD cycle as they work through a real scenario. 'Community chest' style cards provide guidance on what tests to write and on key refactoring strategies for whenever players are stuck. QR-codes and links lead to pages in this wiki, giving more detailed explanations, plus pointers to further resources and examples, for those who need a little extra help to keep moving forward with the example.

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Martin graduated in June 2014 and is now a IT Business Analyst at UBS Investment Bank

You can also see Martin in our 3rd-Year Student Project video

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