Postgraduate Research Projects

The following list includes a number of possible PhD projects suggested by members of academic staff. If you are interested in any of these projects, please indicate on your online PhD application form which project and what supervisor you are interested in. Please submit a statement of purpose presenting your own perspective of the proposed project, why it is important and worth studying and a methodology that may be adopted. Alternatively, if you want to suggest your own project, you need to include with your application a short description of your project (research proposal), possibly including names of suitable supervisors.

Please note that these projects are not directly funded. There are some PhD studentships available for Home/EU students, and these can be awarded to students taking these projects. There is a small amount of funding available for exceptional international students who are partially funded from external sources, and this will be allocated on a competitive basis.

If you wish to be considered for any funding we have available, please indicate this on your application form.

More information on our studentships for Home and EU students is available here.

Current projects

A wide variety of suggestions for PhD topics have been supplied below. You may wish to use the search facility to narrow down the large number of options.

Search hints: This search function is designed to find PhD projects in the School of Computer Science. Please enter a research area in the search bar to produce a list of relevant projects in the School of Computer Science.

Advanced Interfaces projects

Advanced Processor Technologies projects

Bio-Health Informatics projects

Formal Methods projects

Imaging Sciences projects

Information Management projects

Machine Learning and Optimisation projects

Nano Engineering and Storage Technology projects

Software Systems projects

Text Mining projects

4IR STFC Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science projects

Data analytics is the backbone of modern science, with much work now unimaginable without the analysis of large datasets. There is no data larger and richer than in modern astrophysics - for example, the Square Kilometer Array is a distributed radio telescope (in development) which will generate 157 terabytes per second. The analysis of such data requires collaboration of computer scientists and astrophysicists. This theme is about the software, hardware, and mathematics necessary to fuel the next generation of scientific discovery in modern astrophysics. Example areas focus are: machine learning, low power computing hardware, big data image processing.

James Elson projects

Internet of Things (IoT) projects

Data Science projects

Sophia Ananiadou projects

Richard Banach projects

Ke Chen projects

Sarah Clinch projects

Angelo Cangelosi projects

Lucas Cordeiro projects

Andre Freitas projects

Steve Furber projects

Aphrodite Galata projects

Jim Garside projects

Caroline Jay projects

Ross King projects

Dirk Koch projects

Konstantin Korovin projects

Kung-kiu Lau projects

David Lester projects

Christoforos Moutafis projects

Tingting Mu projects

Mustafa Mustafa projects

Goran Nenadic projects

Paul Nutter projects

Norman Paton projects

Vasilis Pavlidis projects

Katherine Payne projects

Giles Reger projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Uli Sattler projects

Andrea Schalk projects

Renate Schmidt projects

Robert Stevens projects

Sandra Sampaio projects

Tom Thomson projects

Junichi Tsujii projects

Carole Twining projects

Markel Vigo projects

Ning Zhang projects

Liping Zhao projects

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