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Department of Computer Science

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Theory and foundations

Our research covers a wide spectrum of computational and algorithmic principles, quantitative and symbolic techniques, models and mathematical techniques in computer science.

Our facilities

We boast an incredible array of facilities, making our innovative theory and foundations research possible.

It provides the underpinning and deep understanding of computational behaviour, for example, correctness, termination properties, complexity and optimisation, of transition systems providing foundations for software and hardware systems, relationships between systems, of language design principles, of data relevant issues and so on.

In fact, every aspect of computer science has rich theory and computational foundations: program language semantics, modelling of software and hardware systems, databases, security and cryptography, all areas of artificial intelligence, including machines learning, knowledge representation and reasoning and natural language processing.

Across these areas our focus is both on theory from practice and development of techniques and tools with strong theoretical and computational foundations.

Areas of expertise

Our researchers focus their work in the following specialist areas:

Postgraduate research projects

Theory and foundations projects

Richard Banach projects

Ke Chen projects

Lucas Cordeiro projects

Clare Dixon projects

Marie Farrell projects

Alejandro Frangi projects

Michael Fisher projects

Samuel Kaski projects

Dirk Koch projects

Konstantin Korovin projects

Tingting Mu projects

Anirbit Mukherjee projects

Mustafa Mustafa projects

Pavlos Petoumenos projects

Oliver Rhodes projects

Giles Reger projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Andrea Schalk projects

Renate Schmidt projects

Mingfei Sun projects

Youcheng Sun projects