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Department of Computer Science

Blue, computer generated image of person with half a head

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent systems are part of the foundations for the next major industrial revolution.

Our facilities

We boast an incredible array of facilities, making our innovative artificial intelligence research possible.

Our research sits at the forefront of fundamental research and seeks answers to questions that could revolutionise AI. From the theory and practice of machine learning, including deep neural network architectures, causality, and knowledge representations, through to robot-human interaction and language learning. We are forging a path toward seamless integration of intelligent systems into our natural environment.

Areas of expertise

Our researchers focus their work in the following specialist areas:

  • Machine structure carrying a Rubik's Cube

    Machine learning

    Machine learning is revolutionising the world. No other technology is progressing so rapidly in terms of real-world impact. We make world-leading contributions with new theory, methodologies and cross-discipline scientific impact, as well as consumer-driven applications.

    Contact: Gavin Brown

  • Pepper the robot


    Embodied intelligence is the future of AI. Intelligent systems that we communicate with, learn from and live with will become more commonplace. We are developing theories and technology for robots to learn language, learn from each other and interact with society in a safe and secure manner.

    Contact: Angelo Cangelosi

  • A person pressing a button reading machine learning

    Natural language processing

    Natural language processing (NLP) is concerned with the design, development and application of algorithms, programs and resources that enable computers to process human language. It is a sub-field of artificial intelligence, but also draws on and contributes to advances in linguistics and information retrieval.

    Contact: Sophia Ananiadou

Postgraduate research projects

Artificial intelligence projects

Sophia Ananiadou projects

Richard Banach projects

Ke Chen projects

Angelo Cangelosi projects

Andre Freitas projects

Aphrodite Galata projects

Dirk Koch projects

Christoforos Moutafis projects

Tingting Mu projects

Goran Nenadic projects

Norman Paton projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Carole Twining projects

Ning Zhang projects