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Department of Computer Science

Programmer editing code on three Macs

Software and e-infrastructure

The scientific world runs on software - from tiny scripts to automate scientific tasks, to the millions of lines of code behind international efforts such as the Large Hadron Collider.

We are building the next generation of tools and infrastructure to support best practice for industrial and academic software engineering.

Our aim is to cultivate and improve research software practices, to support world-class research.

Our facilities

We boast an incredible array of facilities, making our innovative software and e-infrastructure research possible.

Areas of expertise

Our researchers focus their work in the following specialist areas:

Postgraduate research projects

Software and e-infrastructure projects

Lucas Cordeiro projects

Suzanne Embury projects

Gareth Henshall projects

Simon Harper projects

Dirk Koch projects

Kung-kiu Lau projects

Mustafa Mustafa projects

Paul Nutter projects

Giles Reger projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Sandra Sampaio projects

Youcheng Sun projects

Liping Zhao projects