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Department of Computer Science

Close-up of green circuits board

Future computing systems

We are developing novel approaches to processing and computation.

Our facilities

We boast an incredible array of facilities, making our innovative future computing systems research possible.

From our foundations with the world's first stored-program computer, we have grown and expanded with society.

Today our focus is on identifying novel ways to exploit the formidable complexity of the billion transistor microchips that semiconductor technology will make commonplace over the next decade.

Areas of expertise

Our researchers focus their work in the following specialist areas:

  • Orange and black electronic circuitry


    Our field-programmable gate array (FPGA) research is yielding processors faster and more efficient than standard central processing units (CPUs).

    Contact: Dirk Koch

  • CPU chip on white background

    Multi-core systems

    We are developing hardware/software co-design for advanced low-power many-core systems. Our collaboration with industry leaders, allows us to hit problems at the forefront of the discipline head-on, both in scale and complexity.

    Contact: Mikel Lujan

  • Neuromorphic computing equipment

    Neuromorphic computing

    Understanding the brain is a grand challenge of 21st century science. We are building a platform to help neuroscientists unravel the mystery that is the mind. The SpiNNaker machine will be capable of simulating a billion simple neurons, or millions of neurons with complex structure and internal dynamics.

    Contact: Steve Furber

  • Abstract image of VLSI systems

    VLSI systems and design

    We design and build future hardware from I/O interfaces to multi-core processor architectures, all based on emerging technologies. To allow Moore's Law to continue, we develop design technologies, enabling unprecedented energy efficiency, integration density and performance.

    Contact: Vasileios Pavlidis

Postgraduate research projects

Future computing systems projects

Richard Banach projects

Sarah Clinch projects

Simon Harper projects

Dirk Koch projects

Christoforos Moutafis projects

Mustafa Mustafa projects

Paul Nutter projects

Vasilis Pavlidis projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Tom Thomson projects

Markel Vigo projects

Ning Zhang projects