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Department of Computer Science

Messy Data and Reluctant Users - The Trouble with Healthcare Data with Sam Bail, 8 July 6.30pm

Published: 17 July 2019
Messy Data and Reluctant Users - The Trouble with Healthcare Data with Sam Bail, 8 July 6.30pm

This talk is neither about big data, nor about AI. It’s about artisanal, handcrafted data that poses a real challenge for anyone trying to analyse it: healthcare data. In theory, applying AI to healthcare sounds like the perfect match - look at real world data generated by patients, apply AI, learn from trends, and improve healthcare outcomes based on those learnings. Systems like IBM Watson make us believe that the problem is already solved, but in reality, real world healthcare data and its applications suffer from problems not encountered in other domains, which poses huge challenges for any kind of analytical applications.

In this talk, Samantha will look at the landscape of messy and patchy healthcare data, understand the difficulties of drawing reasonable conclusions from the data, and discuss the challenges of changing user behaviour in healthcare.

Samantha Bail

Sam completed her PhD in Computer Science in 2013 at The University of Manchester, supervised by Ulrike Sattler and Bijan Parsia. Following this she became an early employee at Flatiron Health, a New York City healthcare technology startup. As a Senior Data Insights Engineer, she helped build up many of the company’s data products. Within only five years, she watched the organisation grow from two dozen people to almost 700 employees and go through an acquisition by a large, multinational company

  • Mon, 8 July 2019, 18:30 – 21:30 BST
  • Federation House, 2 Federation Street, Manchester, M4 4BF (close to Manchester Victoria station)
  • Ticket only: make sure you register at
gravatar Kirsty Hawksworth