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Department of Computer Science

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Continuing professional development

A CPD course based in our Department could provide you or your workforce with valuable new skills.

We run a range of modular and part-time courses to impart specialist knowledge to externally-based students.

Computing at School

The University of Manchester is the North West base of Computing at School, a grassroots organisation that works to promote the teaching of computer science in School. As part of CAS, teachers can take a CPD course to strengthen their subject knowledge.

Modular and part-time courses

These courses are designed to allow people working in industry or those who require flexible learning to take part in study in our Department.

Course units can be taken individually, with students required to complete the same number of credits as a full-time student over a longer period of time.

Further details can be found below.

Structure and units

You are required to complete the same number of credits for the MSc project as full-time students, but complete your degree in up to four years (modular MSc) or in up to two years (part-time MSc).

Loan eligibility

The part-time MSc courses are eligible for the government's postgraduate loan scheme and must be completed in two years.

The modular MSc courses are not eligible for the postgraduate loan, but this route has the advantage of allowing you up to four years to complete the course.

We generally advise that you register as a modular degree student if you do not plan to apply for a postgraduate loan, or if you're in full-time employment.

Course units

The taught course units are delivered one day a week over five consecutive weeks. In the sixth week you'll work on coursework (so you won't physically need to be at the University).

Applying and fees


Fees for Home students for the 2020/21 academic year are:

  • Individual 15 credit course unit - £1,500
  • Project - £4,500

For modular students, fees are paid for each course unit taken upon registration for that course unit. 

Students on a modular pathway should be advised that fees may vary from year to year in line with University policy.

For students who apply and register for the full MSc, payment can be either made upon registration, or in instalments.

How to apply

To apply for modular or individual course units, follow the instructions below: