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Department of Computer Science

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Women and gender-diversity in computer science

Supporting women and diverse students at The University of Manchester.

Women and all diverse groups are a large part of what makes Computer Science what it is today. Ada Lovelace, Katherine G. Johnson, our very own Alan Turing, diversity has contributed an insurmountable sum to the field since the earliest days of computing.

The Computer Science Department at The University of Manchester has one of the highest proportions of women in the UK, and every year we work to provide more well-deserved opportunity to both our academic staff and students.

Dr. Zahra Montazeri, Lecturer in Graphics and Virtual Environment

Computer Science is the most versatile subject and can be applicable anywhere. Sitting right at the intersection of technology, problem solving, and art, it not only encapsulates my interests but provides limitless opportunities for success!


From my background in art, I turned to computer graphics because, as a subject, it prepares you for any interdisciplinary area. It really is the hottest field with maximum demand, both in industry and academia.

Dr. Zahra Montazeri / Lecturer in Graphics and Virtual Environment

It is our ongoing commitment to support our diverse student base on their journey to a rewarding career. To do this, we work hard to continually curate a fair environment - led by academics from different backgrounds working across a spectrum of exciting areas within computer science.

There are many spaces you can find a support network at our university, and the Manchester Students Union Society Page is a great place to begin. Here is a list of just some of the societies we recommend:


Every year, the reasons to choose computer science grow. For insight into why so many students and staff choose to study at Manchester, take a moment to enjoy our video series. 


    Athena Swan Award

    Most important to us is making a tangible, positive impact on the everyday lives of the women and diverse groups in our department. Just one measure of this is our Athena Swan Bronze Award.

    Athena Swan is a scheme which recognises both our ongoing commitment to creating culture change within our department and the advancement of gender equality.

    Our academics

    Meet our leading academics, and the vital work they do in the advancement of computer science.