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Department of Computer Science

Interaction Analysis and Modelling Laboratory

We're interested in how users interact with the web, and how the web enables users to interact with it.

Female researcher using eye-tracking technology
The IAM Usability Suite is specially equipped and designed for running user evaluations in a comfortable environment.

The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Laboratory (IAM) is used in the experimentation of accessibility technology, visual attention, and the web to address the problems of web accessibility. We believe that by understanding disabled user’s interaction we enhance our understanding of all users operating in constrained modalities where the user is handicapped by both environment and technology.

Our work involves of a variety of academics, researchers and students, all of who have differing skills and research interests, but are interested in human interaction on the Web. In order to support the work conducted within the lab, a number of facilities, such as a user laboratory and library are provided. Furthermore, dissemination of research is achieved through community involvement, including W3C Working Group Membership and conference organisation committees.

Want to look deeper? You can find out more about our experimental methodologies, data, and technical reports on our IAM Lab data page.

Our equipment

Interaction Analysis and Modelling Usability Suite

The Interaction Analysis and Modelling Usability Suite is specially equipped and designed for running user evaluations in a comfortable environment using specialist equipment:

  • High specification computing equipment runs both Windows and Linux operating systems, supporting all the major web browsers.
  • Tobii Eye Tracking provides an non-intrusive way of understanding where people are looking on desktop monitors, tablets, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Morae Recorder captures what’s happening on screen in the study room, along with participants’ comments and facial expressions.
  • Morae Observer allows the session to be viewed in real time from the observation room.
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) measurement captures a person’s relative stress levels as they interact with software or web content. Combined with eye tracking, this can prove a valuable tool in identifying what hinders users the most when completing tasks on a Website.

The IAM Usability Suite works at the forefront of usability and accessibility research, with expertise in psychology and web technologies to find the best way to evaluate and improve a website.

We offer a number of services that can be booked together or separately, and tailored precisely to your needs. We can:

  • recommend a study design based on your specific requirements;
  • carry out the evaluation in a carefully controlled setting;
  • analyse the results in detail, highlighting specific usability and accessibility problems, and providing solutions.