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Department of Computer Science

Nanoengineering and Spintronics Laboratory

The Nanoengineering and Spintronics laboratory is the home of the NEST group and provides state of the art facilities for the creation and characterisation of new materials and devices for computation, data storage and sensors.

Person operating a spintronic device.
Characterising high frequency dynamics in materials for antiferromagnetic spintronic devices.

The laboratory includes a class 1000 cleanroom, originally funded by the Wolfson Foundation, where atomic scale thin films can be created with controlled interfaces between different materials.

Characterisation capability includes temperature dependent magnetometry, electrical transport, high frequency dynamics and optical measurements.

Together the laboratory allows new data storage and nanocomputing paradigms such as spin-obit torque writable MRAM and non-von Neumann computing devices to be explored.

Discover more about the Nano Engineering & Spintronic Technologies Group (NEST) group.