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Department of Computer Science

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Autonomy and verification

The Autonomy and Verification Group focuses on autonomous systems and their development, verification, and analysis

Applications include robots, self-driving vehicles, distributed sensor-rich systems and decision-making software, alongside the development of verification techniques, standards and ethics for such systems with respect to safety, responsibility, assurance and trust.

The Group is part of a distributed Autonomy and Verification Lab across several universities.

We expect to soon see fully autonomous vehicles, robots, and software, all of which will need to be able to make their own decisions and take their actions, without direct human intervention.

Once humans delegate decision-making processes, even partially, then how can we be sure what autonomous systems will do? Will they be safe? Can we ever trust them? What if they fail? This is especially important once robotic devices, autonomous vehicles, etc, increasingly begin to be deployed in safety-critical situations.

Research focus

Our research is focused on the following specialist areas:

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  • Young girl holding hands with an android.
  • Assorted characters and symbols against a dark background.