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Department of Computer Science

Montage or images showing three researchers using lab equipment

Nano-engineering and spintronic technologies

Our researchers

The nano engineering and spintronic technologies (NEST) group focuses on understanding the physical processes and developing the fundamental understanding necessary to create the computational and data storage devices of the future.

The NEST Home Page has more information.

Our research includes exploring recent device ideas in non-conventional computing and encompasses a broad range of activities to explore the spin of electrons in nanoscale magnetic structures. The group interacts strongly with the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials and the National Graphene Institute. We regularly use large scale facilities in the UK and Europe for neutron and X-ray scattering and have wide range of collaborators in the UK and Europe.

Research focus

Our activities and interests are best illustrated through the range of projects undertaken in the NEST group:

  • Spin wave phenomena
  • Skyrmion lattice
  • STT-MRAM cell
  • Multilayer PerpAnisotropy
  • FeRh heatmap
  • Graphene based sensor